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We all have busy lifestyles and it is when we are at our busiest that we tend to grab something to eat that may not be that good for us! Bohemia have introduced a self serve gluten free

cafe which caters for vegetarians & vegans, dietry requirements & healthy eaters.

Taste is not sacrificed here by no means! Our delicious vegetarian & vegan sandwiches are all gluten free & packed with tempting nutritious fillings; so delicious in fact that they seduce the most hardened meat eaters to fall in love with them.

Life is all about balance - so you can finish of your healthy lunch with a yummy well deserved treat. We have seating available for you to relax and enjoy your meals or you can simply take your order to go. See our menu below for a sample of what we offer.


Symbols for your reference

G - Gluten Free / W - Wheat Free / D - Dairy Free / V - Vegetarian / VG - Vegan

Drinks Menu

Bohemia Yoga Cafe Menu

Drinks Menu

We serve quality Fairtrade & Rain Alliance Coffee, sustainabily sourced and served in eco packaging. Enoy your daily fix whilst doing some good. Every bit helps!

Food Menu

Bohemia Yoga Cafe Menu

Chilled Drinks

Breakfast Menu

Sorry, no greasy fried fare here! All organic, healthy & delicious options to make your tummy smile :-)


Lunch Menu

A selection of interesting and varied vegetarian sandwiches and soups with options for food allergies for you to enjoy.


Desert & Snack Menu

Life would be boring without some little luxuries in life! Why not enjoy our range of gluten free goodies?

Deserts & Snacks

What our customers are saying

'Finally, somewhere I can quickly grab something healthy in my half hour break.'

'Everything is Gluten Free?!!'

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